Orchestral Volume 1


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Track 1 – A Triumphant Return – An upbeat piece of music depicting a hero returning. With solo trumpet, clarinet and string underscore, this piece is a celebration.

Track 2 – Far Away – String opening and underscore, this piece tells the story of a distance that can’t be bridged. A slightly uncertain and reserved opening leads to a release and soaring string ending.

Track 3 – The Eye of the Beholder – a stately, almost stationary, slow moving piece of music. Lilting clarinet states the theme with long strings supporting. A very gentle piece, gradually building to a climax.

Track 4 – The Quarrys Trail – an uneasy, dark, and foreboding piece. This piece lacks any theme, is mostly underscore, and maintains its unsettled feel throughout, though gradually getting busier.

Track 5 – Set Forth – The outset of a quest, this piece is pleasant, though looking forward to a long journey. With distinct sections, this pieces builds and develops, though maintains its timeless quality.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5