Easy Listening Volume 1


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Track 1 – Piano lead line, with percussion and upbeat drums. Open chords give a feel of space. Very positive feel, happy and upbeat.

Track 2 – Percussion and drum opening, simple piano chords and clean guitar riff. Double bass used instead of electric, to give a more relaxed feel. Layered strings add texture. easy background music, or underscore. Percussion breakdown in the middle.

Track 3 – Apples & Oranges – plucked string ensemble, light and playful. Acoustic guitar lead line, with shaken percussion. Xylophone and marimba combine to take melodies. Very laid back. Congas added further into the track. Gentle build across the piece.

Track 4 -Rolling Hills – Gentle piano opening. Guitar and piano accompaniment, with percussion shakers, gentle back beat. Plenty of space, not much movement. More movement into the chorus sequence, with cymbal swells in between sections.

Track 5 – Lighthearted guitar opening, busy drums, piano chords playing above. Tight bass sound, driving without pushing too hard. Very laid back. Not much rising and falling, fairly static.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5